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The agenda

Chair: Alois Knoll, Technische Universität München
Rapporteur: Giacomo Indiveri, Eidgenössische Universität Zürich
9:00 Introduction to the day Alois Knoll (TUM) Bio-IT initiatives in FP7:
9:15 ICT FET initiatives Julian Ellis (CEC)
• 9:25 Health theme Patrizia Tosetti (CEC)

Talks by various researchers on current state of the art in the topics called
9:35 neuronal coding and computing Sten Grillner (KI)
• 10:00 Getting beyond rate codes: oscillations and attention in the human brain. Andreas Engel (UKE)

10 min Coffee break.

• 10:35 biomimetic artefacts and VLSI neuromimetic artefacts Giacomo Indiveri (ETHZ)
• 11:00 bidirectional interfaces Silvestro Micera (UAB)
• 11:25 biohybrid artefacts Maria Chiara Carrozza (SSSUP)

Cooperation issues
• 12:00 links with INCF Jan Bjaalie (INCF)
• 12:10 links with ONCE-CS, NiSIS etc. Davide Anguita (DIBE)
• 12:20 links with ONCE-CS (Complex systems) Jeff Johnson (OU)
• 12:30 EU-US Giacomo Indiveri (ETHZ)
• 12:40 EU-China Jianwei Zhang (Univ Hamburg)

14:00 Presentation of Neuro-IT Road Map Alois Knoll (TUM)
• Discussion
• Conclusions and future actions

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