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The school will have a duration of 8 days in total. While the first and the last day are used for travel, welcome and organizational matters, 6 days will be devoted to teaching. The school will be organized in two parts. The first two days will feature advanced tutorials with the goal of providing background knowledge for students from different disciplines. These tutorials will focus on background materials directly relevant to the topic of the summer school, that will improve understanding of the expert presentations that will follow in subsequent days of the school. One day will be devoted to presenting important concepts and data from neuroscience for students from technical disciplines, the second day will be reserved for presenting topics in neuroengineering and robotics. The other four days of the school feature expert lectures on key topics in the Neuro-IT field, with a focus on cognitive functions and their technical realization in artificial systems. All issues will be dealt with, in an interdisciplinary way, both from the biological and the IT/engineering perspective.

Topics The topics for tutorials and lectures will include:
• Sensory integration – multimodal interaction – attention – awareness
• Sensorimotor interaction – action planning – decision making
• Learning – memory – development
• Neuroprosthetics – brain-machine interfaces
• Biologically inspired robots – evolutionary approaches – architectures

The school is intended for junior and senior researchers and other professionals working in the field of Neuro-IT, as well as for students of engineering, physics, medicine, biology, or psychology. A total of 50 PhD students or postdocs will be admitted. Selection will be on a competitive basis.

Igor Aleksander
(London, UK)
Pascal Fries
(Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Klaus-Robert Müller
(Berlin, Germany)
Helder Araujo
(Coimbra, Portugal)
Vittorio Gallese
(Parma, Italy)
Miguel Nicolelis
(Durham, USA)
Christian Büchel
(Hamburg, Germany)
Auke Ijspeert
(Lausanne, Switzerland)
Guy Orban
(Leuven, Belgium)
Gabriel Curio
(Berlin, Germany)
Alois Knoll
(München, Germany)
Frank Pasemann
(St. Augustin, Germany)