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3rd European Neuro-IT and Neuroengineering School

– Neuroengineering of Cognitive Functions –
June 18-25, 2005
Venice (Italy)

Andreas K. Engel (Hamburg, Germany)
Alois Knoll (München, Germany)
Guy Orban (Leuven, Belgium)
Peter König (Osnabrück, Germany)
Gulio Sandini (Genua, Italy)
Fabrizio Davide (Rome, Italy)
Marc de Kamps (München, Germany)

The school will focus on a new and rapidly growing field – the area of ‚Neuro-IT’ and ‚neuroengineering’ where neuroscience, information technology and robotics are approaching each other and starting to merge in interdisciplinary projects. The school is organized and funded by Neuro-IT.net, an EU Thematic Network, which aims at building a critical mass of new interdisciplinary research excellence at the interface between neurosciences and information technologies within the European Union and its associated states. The 2005 school will thematically focus on the neuroenginering of cognitive functions.

The school will be hosted by the Telecom Italia Learning Services SpA. It will take place at the Future Centre of the Telecom Italia, located in San Marco, Campo San Salvador (http://www.futurecentre. telecomitalia.it/eng/index.htm), a beautiful historical site near the famous Rialto Bridge in the heart of Venice. The Future Centre provides state-of-the-art meeting facilities as well as accomodation for part of the attendants.