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Technical problems
In case of technical problems, send mail to Volker Baier. Known problems:

  • When using mplayer on Unix, it is sometimes necessary to toggle 'D' twice to start the video.
  • Firewalls: in case you are behind a firewall, you may experience trouble. To solve this, in quicktime viewer, goto edit -> preferences -> quicktime preferences. Select streaming transport from the list. Then select "Use this protocol and port ID", then select "Use HTTP, port ID". Use the default port 80 for http transport. This routes the streaming data via the default port for web pages and so most firewalls will not complain.


  • The lecturers!
  • Concept implementation: T. C. Pearce, Leicester University
  • Video/audio encoding: S. Thill, Leicester University
  • Web implementation: V. Baier, M. de Kamps, Y. Liang, TU München
  • Streaming services: K. Weidner, Leibniz Rechenzentrum
  • Camera/location work: S. Thill, Leicester University
  • Funding: nEUro-IT.net

nEuro-IT.net is funded by the IST-FET programme of the CEC. This page created by Alois Knoll, Wolfgang Stürzl, Volker Baier, Marc de Kamps or Yuxiang Liang.
Last update: March 14, 2006.