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nEUro-IT.net workshop Brussels,
December 2nd, 2003,


Keynote speakers:

Igor Alkesander
Machine consciousness: a design procedure
Dario Floreano
The Factor 10 Challenge
Richard Walker
Another Challenge for the Roadmap:
Biological Complexity as a Theoretical Issue
Werner Hemmert
NeuroIT roadmap: Succesful in the physical world
Doug deGroot
Constructed brain: some comments on chapter
Alois Knoll

nEUro-IT.net members:

Olivier Faugeras
A few remarks on the Roadmap for NeuroIT
Frank van der Velde
Brain modelling and Cognition
Enric Claverol
Automating reverse engineering of the brain
Rolf Mueller
Subjective Thoughts on the Roadmap
Silvio Sabatini
The Physical Structure of Perception and Computation

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